Joaquin Badajoz

Badajoz is a Cuban-American art critic and writer. He contributes to publications like El Nuevo Herald, La Opinion of Los Angeles, and El Diario Nueva York. Throughout the course of two decades, his curatorial work has grown to span over thirty exhibitions—in countries like Cuba, Panama, and the US—as both an independent Manhattan-based curator, and as part of curatorial teams. His reviews, essays, and culture theories on art and literature have been published in ArtPulse, Wynwood Magazine, ArteCubano, LaGaveta, El Panamá América, La Prensa, Vitral, Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana, RANLE, Cuadernos de ALDEEU, Hispania, and many others. Badajoz is a member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language and has lectured at the University of Warsaw (Poland), Instituto Castellano y Leonés de Lengua (Spain), UCIP-UCLAP, Refresher Program (Peru), Altos de Chavón School of the Arts (Dominican Republic), as well as several institutions in the United States. He has been executive editor for Cosmopolitan, Front Page editor of Yahoo!, and Digital Content Manager at Impremedia.


Arnaldo Simon

My work is based on the deconstruction of historical and sociopolitical values assigned to military’s aesthetics design. It represents a critical vision of a series of heroic actions carried out by individuals, groups or countries involved in bellicose actions and how their motivations and consequences are summarized in the diversity of forms that are widely recognized by all cultures and nations.
With these works, I try to create a universe of references that leads the viewer to question the stereotypes of aesthetics, poetics and the seduction of design. It is, therefore, a question of investigating the relation of design to the manipulation of ideological tendencies, the exhalation of the past and identity and how this design influences the behavior of both the militaries and civilians
The exaltation of hedonism with the use of the images, the grandiloquent speeches, the recurrence to nationalisms, the rituality, the revitalization of the symbols, the communion of ideologies, creeds and military forces have gained an unusually important in
our time.

Sella Castrense Revisited , 2016 / Crutches, burned wood, aluminum, patina on black acrylic base / 24 x 31 x 36 inches / Photo: Pedro Portal

Sella Castrense Revisited, 2016 / Crutches, burned wood, aluminum, patina on black acrylic base / 24 x 31 x 36 inches / Photo: Pedro Portal